How Business Capital Canada Can Help Finance Your Small Business

October 6, 2019by Alex Pratt

Almost all small business owners face the need to obtain funding at some point in their entrepreneurial journey. For most that can be convoluted and a complex process with a ton of back and forth with the bank. Not all lenders are willing to accept traditional small business loan requests because of the perceived risk involved. Business Capital Canada, a boutique small business consultancy, which comprised of a team of professionals including writers, graphic designers, marketing specialists, and consultants helps those business owners take advantage of the Canada Small Business Financing Program. Business Capital Canada is an end-to-end services provider helping owners with all aspects of obtaining a CSBFL.

How does this work?

Business Capital Canada was founded by a team of mortgage experts who clearly saw a need within the small business community in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The company doesn’t finance or raise credit within its own entity but acts instead as a conduit between individuals who need financing for their small businesses and the major five banks who help administer the Canada Small Business Finance Loan Program. Business Capital Canada helps support those businesses with aspects such as business plan creation, leasehold improvement quotes, web-design, branding, entity creation, and many others. 

Business Capital Canada offers white-glove one-on-one service to all its clients, with a significant focus on establishing the right document package before approaching a bank to help facilitate the CSBFL. To get a sense of how the process at Business Capital Canada works – click on over to the How it Works page.

Things to Consider

When looking to apply for the Canada Small Business Financing Program budding business owners need to have a basic understanding of the industry they want to enter, and how they plan to allocate future funding to move the business forward. Luckily, the CSBF program provides great versatility when it comes to lending terms and rates. There is also quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to repayment and personal liability in case the business does not succeed. Normally CSBF loans have a maximum amount of $350,000.

To learn more about the services offered or to speak to a team member at Business Capital Canada head over to the Get Started section.

Alex Pratt

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Copyright by 2019 All rights reserved.

Copyright by 2019 All rights reserved.